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Migraine Specialist

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Get Expert Help from Tampa’s Leading Migraine Specialists

Are you tired of feeling controlled by migraine headaches?

Neurological Specialties is very familiar with this hereditary disease and has several treatment options available to help their patients finally find the relief they’ve been searching for.

Migraines are very intense headaches that often have a high rate of frequency. Life can be very difficult when you suffer from migraines. They can be extremely disruptive to your social life and your career.

Would you like to receive information, diagnosis or treatment from one of our headache specialists, please click here to continue.

It’s important to know that many people are finally able to experience life without the burden of migraines by visiting a Neurologist. At Neurological Specialties we have worked with many patients suffering from this condition and have a variety of approaches that can bring you the relief you’ve been searching for.

The first step to improving your quality of life is to give us a call and schedule a consultation.

You can reach us at (813) 876-6321

Why a Neurologist?

Neurologists have extensive training in the anatomy of the brain and nervous system, which makes them well-equipped to provide insights into what may be causing your migraines and understand what treatments will work best to reduce or eliminate your migraines.

Preparing for Your Consultation with a Migraine Specialist

Getting the right information is very important. The more you can share with us, the more we can understand what path may help provide you lasting and effective improvements to your health and well-being.

Keeping track of the medications you’ve tried and the frequency, time of day, and duration of your migraines for the month leading up to your consultation is very helpful.

Getting help starts with scheduling a one-on-one consultation.

Please call us to get you started at (813) 876-6321

Your Experiences:

  • Describe the outcome that you’re looking for. Are you looking for a full treatment plan or just a better understanding of your migraines?
  • Provide any information you can about when your migraines tend to occur. Do they follow a pattern?
  • Are there any specific activities that seem to trigger your migraine episodes?
  • How long do your migraines typically last and how frequently do you have them?
  • What symptoms do you experience during your episodes?
  • Do other family members suffer from migraines?

Medical History and Other Medical Conditions:

  • What medications do you currently take?
  • What other medical conditions do you have?

We look forward to seeing you and helping you as we’ve helped so many others. Give us a call to schedule your consultation appointment today.

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